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No Nonsense Muscle Building: The Science Behind Post Workout

The muscle growth workouts you will do with the No Nonsense Muscle Building program are only the beginning of the muscle building process. Lifting weights at your maximum level stresses the muscles and causes tears in the muscle fibers. These tears are common, and natural, when weight lifting, but overextending your weight limit can cause tears that are harmful to the body. One needs to be cautious when lifting weights, so as not to hurt themselves.

When a person completes such an intense workout they will need to rest properly to be able to recover from it, and this is called the healing or repairing process. Meaning that your body essentially needs to be repaired and healed from the strain on the muscles that were caused by working out with such intensity. This repair process occurs when your body is either sleeping, or not doing anything stressful. Lastly, the healing process covers the tears you received working out with extra tissue, resembling the healing of a scar, and this allows the muscle to heal for the next workout.